Metal stamping forming contract manufacturing Turkey

Contract Manufacturing Services

We serve our customers for more than 10 years with contract manufacturing of sheet metal stamped parts, and stamping dies, and offering complete services in delivering the metal parts they need involving manufacturing methods and processes such as, stamping, tube bending, arc welding, spot welding, assembly and finishing.

We are a complete contract manufacturing service provider for our customers’ metal parts needs involving sheet metal stamping at the core of manufacturing process.

Sample Parts from Our Production

Sheet Metal Stamping

Our machine park consisting of mechanic and hydraulic presses up to 630 Tons we are capable of manufacturing sheet metal stamped parts in a wide range of sizes.

As we have our own stamping dies manufacturing workshop and all equipment under the same company roof, we are capable to manufacture even very complicated parts in very large quantities.

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sheet metal stamping in Turkey

Metal Stamping Dies

We make our own dies and tools under BTB Metal Group roof. We design and manufacture the dies required for the production of sheet metal stamped parts and also offer die design and making service to our customers.

Our expertise in progressive stamping dies, transfer dies, and dies of other types make us competitive and preferable over many rival companies in the same industry.

Metal Stamping Dies Division

Spot Welding & Arc Welding

We have 12 spot welding machines in our welding line with powers between 60 and 120 kW.

Arc welding is also a process we use for creating parts when needed.

Assembly & Finishing Operations

There are times our customers need more than single component parts. We offer assembly services and finishing for a complete and value added manufacturing service.

For large volume contracts we are capable of designing and constructing special assembly machines and lines with our own engineering team.